Q: Can I change my division?
A: Your division is your choice up until Race Day Check-in. A division (bike, run, ski) must be confirmed when each racer signs-in the morning of the race. 

Q: What sort of food and drinks will be available at the checkpoints?
A: There will be an assortment of food and drinks available at each checkpoint to replenish race participants. Each racer will be provided with one serving of something warm and tasty that is filled with plenty of carbs and protein, such as soup, gumbo, chili, baked potato with cheese, etc. There will also be cookies or brownies available. The checkpoint officials will have hot water for tea, instant coffee, and hot chocolate available at all times and some checkpoints will have Coke. 

Q: Are the White Mountains trails wide enough for skate skiing?
A: The trails are generally wide enough for skate skiing but there are sections that will be difficult or impossible to skate. This is especially true on some of the steep climbs or where the vegetation is tight. These sections can be walked but it is recommended to bring some kick wax, a cork, and a scraper along for some of the narrower portions of the trail. If there have been strong winds, drifting and/or fresh snow, skate skiing will be challenging. 

Q: Can I sleep at the checkpoints?
A: Yes. Each checkpoint has bunks and can accommodate a handful of racers. It is possible that some checkpoints will be congested and sleeping space may be tight. So, there is no guarantee that you will have ample space to sprawl out and sleep for many hours. If you are the type of person that can pass out sitting up, then you will greatly increase your sleeping options. 

Q: Will the White Mountains trails be groomed for the race?
A: The BLM maintains the trails and regularly grooms with a snowmachine and dragger. Trail conditions can change daily and even hourly if strong winds and or/snow is occurring. Some trails may go several weeks without getting groomed. So, there is no guarantee that trails will be freshly groomed for the race. This unknown is part of the adventure, right?

Q: Why is the race capped at 85 participants?
A: Our goal is to find the balance between having the WM100 while at the same time maintaining a low impact on the White Mountains trail system and other users. The checkpoint cabins are small, the trails are narrow, and other users recreating in the area have come to spend time in the wilderness. Additional racers would congest the trail system, require more volunteers, and ultimately result in increased traffic on the race course. We feel that 85 racers is the upper threshold we can safely accommodate while minimizing our presence in the recreation area.

Q: Do I have to provide my own SPOT Tracker?
A: Trackleaders (http://trackleaders.com/) will provide everyone with a SPOT tracker. There is no need to bring your own. You may carry your own device, but the provided Trackleaders SPOT must be carried as well.