$275 - Registration is open from December 1st 12:01am - December 7th 11:59pm. The lottery takes place December 9th. 

Registration Procedure:
1. Online registration for the lottery is available here.  The link will open for registration on December 1st 12:01am and close December 7th 11:59pm. You must provide your credit card information - BUT - your card will ONLY be charged $275 if your name is drawn as one of the 85 participants during the lottery on November TBD. Your card will NOT be charged if you are on the waitlist.

2. The lottery drawing will automated and will occur on December 9th.  There will be no public lottery drawing this year. 

3. You will receive an email confirmation immediately following the December 9th lottery if your name is selected. Your credit card will only be charged $275 if your name is selected during the lottery and your registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. Waitlist racers will NOT be charged an entry fee. A waitlist racer will only be charged the $275 fee if they choose to fill a main roster withdrawal position. If a waitlist racer chooses to withdraw from the waitlist, no fees will be charged. The WM100 roster and waitlist will be available on the WM100 webpage within 24 hours after the lottery. 

4. Lottery "slots" will be reserved for:
  • Last year's winners ( ~6 )
  • Volunteer Slots ( ~10 )
  • Sponsorship Slots ( ~5 x $1000 each )
  • Lottery Slots (~65 + # of not filled slots from other categories)

On December 9th, regardless of subdivision (Ski, Bike, Run) the Lottery will be conducted using an automated Random Name Picker. The first ~65 selected names will be put on the roster. The remaining names will be placed on the wait-list. Note: There will be only one wait-list for all three divisions. 

5.  Division 
  • A division (bike, run, ski) must be confirmed March 24th, the Friday before the race.  
6.  Qualifiers 
  • The White Mountains 100 now requires entrants to have winter backcountry experience equivalent to, at a minimum, finishing a winter event of over 25 miles and/or over 24 hours' duration in the last two years.
  • On the registration form, please list any winter ultra races you’ve completed in the last two years (e.g Susitna 100, Homer Epic, Arrowhead 135, Iditarod Trail Invitational, Tanana River Challenge, River to Ridge, Alaska Winter Ski Classic). If you have not completed any such events, then please list and briefly describe any cold-weather human-powered long-distance experience that shows you are capable of safely finishing this winter 100-mile event. Decisions will be at the race director's discretion.

Withdraws from Wait List
If you need to withdraw from the wait list, no charges will be applied to you. Please, however, let us know if you do decide to drop for the wait list.
Options if wait-listed and receive a racers slot
If you receive the opportunity to move from the wait list to the race roster, you will not be charged the entry fee until we have confirmation you still want the slot. If you choose not to accept the race slot and withdraw, no charges will be applied and your slot will be offered to the next individual on the wait-list. Prior to race week, you will have 48 hours to make your decision to withdraw or to be added to the race roster and be charged the entry fee. During race week, a decision is needed on the spot.  

Race Entry Includes:

  • White Mountains 100 swag
  • A warm shelter approximately every 20 miles.
  • Hot and cold water and other beverages at all four checkpoints and the trail shelter. The four checkpoints and finish line will have a warm serving of food and snacks available for each racer. The trail shelter (mile 91) will only have snacks. Checkpoints will be stocked with food such as meatball soup, baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon, homemade bread, brownies, cookies, coffee, hot chocolate, and soda.
  • Exhilaration of traversing the White Mountains.
Refund Policy:
  • Entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The race will only be canceled due to weather if severe conditions make travel extremely hazardous and/or impossible, as deemed by the race director(s). Other unforeseen or catastrophic circumstances may lead the race director to cancel the race.
Refusal of Entry:
  • White Mountains 100 reserves the right to refuse entry to any racer.
Lottery Entrants:
  • The entrants in the White Mountains 100 lottery can be viewed December 10th.