Trail Etiquette

The White Mountains Recreation Area is a public use wilderness area to be enjoyed by all types of trail users. Please keep the following things in mind: 

Trail Use:
  • Please yield to all motorized vehicles, dog teams and skijorers.
  • Step off of the trail if you need to rest, change clothes, repair equipment, etc.
Takin' Care of Business:
  • Use the outhouses when available.
  • Step as far off the trail as possible if you need to take care of big business between checkpoints.
  • Outhouses are located at the race start/finish, checkpoints, and trail shelter.
Snoozing Between Checkpoints:
  • If you find the need to bivy between checkpoints for a few hours please do so off the trail -BUT- still in sight of the trail so other racers and race officials can see you. Attach your flashing light to your bike, ski pole, sled, etc to alert a passerby to your presence.
  • If you intend to sleep between checkpoints, please inform the race official before you depart the checkpoint.
  • If you come across a sleeping racer, please inform the race official at the next checkpoint.
  • If you see trash, pick it up and drop it off at the next checkpoint.
  • Any racer intentionally littering the trail will be disqualified.
Other Cabins:
  • There are other public use cabins along the race course that have not been reserved for the race. Please respect the privacy of others that might be staying at these cabins. Only approach these cabins if there is a serious emergency.
  • Do not damage any structures, trail signs, or private property in the recreation area. Treat this area as you would your home.
  • Please respect the Research Natural Area south of Windy Gap and stay on the designated trail.