This White Mountains 100 race relies entirely on the dedication and help from volunteers. There are a variety of roles we will need to fill and depending on your time, whether its just a few hours or several days, we can probably find some way that you can assist us. If you are interested in helping out in any way, shape, or form, we encourage you to drop us an email. We would be thrilled to have your assistance as well meet the variety of people out there that have an inherent interest in this race and see that it is successful. 


Your race director, 
Joel Homan

email: whitemountains100 (at) gmail.com

Volunteer Positions and Compensations 

Guaranteed and PAID for racer slot

· HQ Coordinator
· Volunteer Coordinator
· Gear Coordinator
· Food Coordinator
· Fire wood collector

Guaranteed racer slot the following year + costs reimbursements (fuel, propane, $25 for food if at Chp)

· IT and Website Coordinator
· Insurance/Permit
· Check Point + Trail Shelter + HQ Volunteers (basically any volunteer that helps 24+ hours during the race)
· Propane 

Racer Swag

· Parking Attendants
· Grill Master
· Set up crew