Ed and Ann,

Thanks a TON for a most awesome race through the White Mountains! That is by far the most beautiful, pristine area that I have ridden through. For me it was highly emotional riding the ridgelines at sunrise, bombing down those awesome descents, and digging deep on the climbs. The checkpoints were fantastic -- the volunteers just about the BEST you could find. That meatball soup was amazing!!!

I know how much work must go into planning one of these -- you are to be commended for taking care of every last detail. It will certainly grow in popularity, offering a sturdy third leg to the "100 Winter Race" stool.

Thanks again! Maybe see you next year.

Cyclist, Anchorage, AK

Ed and Ann,

That was one of the best organized, best run races I have ever been a part of. I was talking to Brad Marden on the phone this afternoon rehashing the race. We agreed it was the greatest ski race we had ever done.

A job well done. Thank you.

Skier, Anchorage, AK

You guys did a thorough job organizing this race. Everything was so smooth. Really appreciated the lathe any time there was a question about which way to go. Can't make the party tonight due to a conflict, so just wanted to let you know I thought the race was awesome.

Thank you.

Skier, Fairbanks, AK

Hi Ed and Ann!

Brian and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the time you put into organizing this race. I'm sure you have heard this already but this was the most fun and organized race I have ever been a part of. The volunteers were great too, every time I turned around someone was filling my cup, feeding me, or asking how I was doing.

What a blast, the course was so much fun and scenic! I hope you both were able to relax and have fun too!

Thanks again and I'm pretty sure we will be back again next year.

Thanks again,

Cyclist, Anchorage, AK

Ed and Ann. Thanks for putting on a great event. Understanding what racers want and need and delivering all the needs and much of the wants are key to good organization. The website is very good as well. Something with a huge budget like the tour of anch takes days to bring results.

Skier, Fairbanks, AK

Just wanted to congratulate you guys on not only pulling this thing off, but also for pulling it off so well!! I'm sure you guys will be critiqing things and tweaking things, but I thought that it went GREAT and I can tell you that every racer I've talked to has said the same thing. Keep that in mind...the (so far as I know) unanimous opion is that the race was AWESOME!!!

Can't thank you both enough for all the hard work you (as well as the sizable and yet still amazing volunteer staff) put into this. Very very very well done.


Cyclist, Fairbanks, AK

Great race you two! The organizaiton was top notch...from a racers perspective, it seemed like the a well established event. Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together.

Skier, Fairbanks, AK