2014 Results

Race Notes

18:51 Monday. Sarah Duffy cruises past the finish line! 2014 White Mountains 100 is in the books...great job everyone!!! 

16:52 Monday. John Nagel makes it to the finish. Only one racer left! 

16:44 Monday. Stefan Milkowski strolls through the finish line. Two foot - racers left! The last runner should be nearing the top of the 'wall'; about 7 miles out! 

15:36 Monday. Corrine Leistikow and Eric Troyer finished in tandem. That's all of the skiers. Only three racers left on foot! 

14:10 Monday. John Nagel, our final racer is approaching the trail shelter! 

09:05 Monday. Emily Schwing scratches at Windy Gap. Wall tent crew coordinating lift out. 

08:50 Monday. First female runner, Laura McDonough has finished! 

8:20 AM Monday morning update: We have had lots of finishers in the past few hours: 

Ishman 4:38, Koczaja 4:52, Maxwell 6:34, Laws 6:44 (second foot entrant), Guttierez 7:35 (first female skier), Lesh 7:41, Chamberlain 7:48! Great job everyone! 

4:29 Trevor Jones is in the house! 

At 3:24 Monday morning Ned Rozell finished! 

As of 3:11 Monday morning we are expecting: Ned Rozell, Trevor Jones, Jim Ishman and Ron Koczaja who are en route from the 90 mile Trail shelter! 

Finisher update: Matt Heavner (2:31), Elliott Wilson (on unicycle!) 2:38, and birthday boy Bob Gillis at 2:44! 

Finisher update: Paul Snarski 23:13, Bob Groseclose 23:36, Sam Herreid 23:57, Seth Adams 00:00, Drew Harrington 00:02, Joe Grant (First Runner!!!) 01:05, Kim Kittridge 01:07, Kate Batten 02:01, SuperAl Mitchell 2:08. 

Sunday 22:43: Its +2 F at the trail shelter 

Sunday 22:23 - Finisher update: James Keck 21:31, David Hadley 21:33, Steve Taylor 21:55, Erica Lamb 22:12! Great job everyone! 

Sunday 22:15 - Our pilot snowmachine reports that two cyclists are within 6 miles from the finish! 

Sunday 21:01 - First woman on foot Laura McDonough has left CP#3! 

Sunday 19:56 - We heard from Medic Team 3 that 6 racers have yet to reach the divide. 

Sunday 19:45 - Max Kaufman the first skier has passed by the trailshelter and is within 9 miles of the finish! Also en route from the trail shelter are 42 ( Mike Buck), 3 (Nancy Fresco), and 51 (Todd Redinius). 

More finishers... Hank Statscewich (19:20), Christian Guo-Leonhardt (19:30), Laurel Brady (19:32), Jill Homer (19:34). 

Finishers are coming in faster than we can update! Here are more finishing times: 18:15 Brian Blair followed by Mark Davis (same finish time), 18:25 David Palmer, 18:26 John Shook, 18:27 Morris Palter, 18:33 Amber Bethe (First Woman!!!), 18:47 Erica Betts (Second Woman!), Tie 18:52 Kurt Lockwood and Jay Cable, 18:54 Seth Ross, 19:12 Austin Johnon! 

More finishers! Cyclists Brett Parks (17:57), Richard Wise (18:02), and Trystan Herriott (18:04) have cruised to the finish line looking ready for more. 

Sunday 17:44 We've had three more racers finish in the past hour! In 4th place Heath Sandall finished at 16:46, in 5th place, Joel Homan finished at 16:49, and in 6th place Kevin Murphy finished at 17:35. 

Tyson Flaharty finshes at 16:10 followed by Ben Abbott at 16:12! 

Sunday 16:15: Racer Heath Sandall was reported at the top of Wickersham wall ~7 mi out. 

Josh Chelf finishes at 15:53! More than 2 hours faster than the previous record! Congrats Josh! 

Sunday 15:02: Front-runner Josh Chelf just passed by the trail shelter (~10 miles from the finish). We are expecting him to finish within the hour! 

Sunday 14:30: Leading clyclist Josh Chelf (#10), Tyson Flaharty (#50), and Ben Abbott (#6) have all passed through checkpoint #4 with Chelf in the lead. Update with official times coming. 

Sunday 12:20: Cyclist Josh Chelf (#10) has already passed through CP#3! 

Sunday 12:20: Skier Jenny Carlton (#45) scratched prior to CP1 due to sickness and is heading back to HQ on her own power. 

Sunday 12:23: The top three racers passed by Ice Lakes (above Checkpoint #3) . 

Sunday 10:47: Abbott, Flaharty, Chelf left Checkpoint #2. 

Sunday (pre race) We had one last minute change in the race roster. Stewart Osgood did not arrive in time for the 8:00 AM start, so waitlisted racer Erica Betts took his place as number 40. 

The race began on time at 8:00 AM! Conditions are excellent for a fast race! 

The race starts on Sunday, 30 March 2014 at 8:00.