The White Mountains 100 Lottery and How It Works

The interest in the WM100 since the inaugural year in 2010 has increased beyond our expectations. The entries received in the first two years greatly exceeded the number allowed by our Bureau of Land Management permit. This year's limit is 85 slots.

The registration process became a “race” in itself as entries were received either online or through the mail on a first-come, first-serve basis. This resulted in an unfair advantage to applicants with a speedy internet connection or the convenience of directly dropping an entry form into our mailbox.

Therefore, a lottery has been instituted in an effort to provide the fairest means possible of choosing the starting field. The registration period for the lottery will be open for 2 weeks (see below), which will eliminate the rush to submit entry forms for the race. In addition, this process will not discriminate against applicants based on their internet speed, for those that may not have internet access when registration opens, etc. A 2 week registration period should provide adequate time for individuals to find a computer (or a friend with a computer) and register for the race.

Registration period: December 1st at 12:01 AM through December 7th at 11:59 PM (Alaska daylight time).

Most up-to-date registration entrants list can be found TBA. 

On December 9th, regardless of subdivision (Ski, Bike, Run) the Lottery will be conducted using an automated Random Name Picker. The Lottery includes the remaining roster slots after the Reserve Slots (See Below) have been filled: 

85 Total Slots - (Reserved Slots) = ~65 Lottery Slots. 

After the Lottery Slots have been selected, the remaining names will be placed on the wait-list. Note: There will be only one wait-list for all three divisions.

Reserved Slots: 

All individuals that qualify for a Reserved Slot on the roster MUST complete the online application at and observe the same deadlines as those imposed for all other registrants during the lottery registration period. In the case that a top male or female finisher does not submit an entry form for the WM100 during the 2-week registration window, their reserved slot will be forfeited. Should it become an issue as to the definition of a volunteer (i.e. number of hours given, pre-race volunteers versus during race), the race directors will have the ultimate discretion. The intent is to show our appreciation for the significant amount of time and effort that our volunteers have given to make this race successful.

The WM100 race directors have elected to reserve a number of slots for certain individuals. Below is a summary of reserved spots: