2013 Results

The tables below include the Finish times and the check in/out times for the four checkpoints.


73. It's 08:50 and Sara has not arrived yet as we are breaking down HQ. She has several friends walking out to meet her. She should finish soon, but will go on record as an unofficial finisher as she did not make the 08:00 cut-off. Gritty performance, however, as reported by all who interacted with her on the course.

72. Walker Ronni Granpenthin & Skier Todd Cedarholm scratched at Borealis CP4 @ 12:44PM due to excessive fatigue

71. Red Lantern Sara Boaz departed strong from Windy Gap @ 12:04PM

70. Conditions are challenging for the skate skiiers. Many skiiers have waxed up with kick wax, resorting to classic skiing on their skate skis.

69. 10:50 Christi Haupert has finished.

68. Everyone has checked into CP3.

67. 10:40 Kristen Rozell finished.

66. Report from the trail outide Windy Gap, our red lantern is only about 20 minutes from CP3 and looking chipper. Medics checking on her are enjoying the beautiful new snow and relative calm.

65. Maatis used skins on his skate skis in order to classic ski with them. He said it saved him with trail conditions being incomaptible with skating. Both he and Bob Gillis looked wiped out. Skiers really had to work for it this year.

64. On their way from trail shelter are Haupert, Herrington, Taylor, Moran, Martinez, Evans, Light, and Histand.

63. Since Janice, Benning, Gimble, Gillis, and Maatis Saari have finished.

62. 07:06 Janice Tower has finished.

61. As of 07:04 Gillis, #43, Saari #12, Young #5, Rozell #26 have left the trail shelter and are on the home stretch

60. 06:54 Seth Adams has finished- second place skiier.

59. 06:40 Report from Borealis (CP4): Flurries and 5 degrees.

58. 06:22 Kurt Lockwood has finished.

57. 05:15 Benning & Gimbel leave Trail Shelter for final push to finish

56. 04:09 Tower and Adams leaves Trail Shelter for final push to finish

55. 05:10 **** Mike Kramer wins 2013 WM100 Ski Division ****

54. 3:20AM Kurt Lockwood passes the Trail Shelter

53. Racer 4, Tower, resting at the trail shelter at 3:10AM, after arrving at 1:07AM

52. 1:29 The first Skier, Mike Kramer, passes the Wickersham Creek Trail Shelter

51. Amy Breen & Cody Johnson roll across the finsh at 2:51AM

50. 02:40 Snow continues to fall at Ice Lakes with a temperature of 5 F. Many skiers have been passing through - most recently Brian and Erica Carroll.

49. 02:35 Nancy Fresco finishes!

48. 02:34 Seth Ross finishes!

47. 01:31 (Monday) Anthony Berberich finishes!

46. Mike O'Brien was a last-minute entry into the race, and took #29, in place of Potnis. O'Brien's results are currently showing up as Potnis, but this should be fixed in the morning.

45. 24:19 #'s 35 & 65, Mark and Darcy Davis crossed the finish line.

44. #40, Todd Cerdarholm passed the summit at Midnight.

43. 24:16 Brian Buechler finished

42.From the Pass... Samuel Chamberlain and Greg Veltkamp left pass at 22:51. Betters, O'Brien, and a third, unidentified skier passed through at 23:39. Hickel anc Kornfield passed through at 23:48.

41.23:40 Following people passed through trail shelter: Pollock at 21:20, Murphy at 21:35, Davis & Davis at 21:40, Buechler at 21:54, and Berberich at 23:13.

40. 23:32 Kevin Murphy finishes.

39. 23:07 Joe Pollock finishes.

38. 22:25 Chris Garber-Slaght finishes.

37. 22:18 Red lantern Sarah Boaz left CP2.

36. 21:53 Biker Jay Cable finishes 6th overall.

35. 21:32 Heather Best, first female finishes!

34. 21:23 Received news from the Windy gap summit. The foot division is coming through with Laws in the lead at 20:40, followed shortly by McDonough, and Grapenthin. Snow is lightly falling and there is a 5 MPH wind in the racers face. All kept moving, though, and look good.

33. 21:01 Ben Abbott Crossed the finish line

32. 20:42 Josh Spice #42 finished in Third!

31. 20:30 Heavner, Light and Martinez have passed the divide.

30. 19:23 Weather in Cache Divide - light snow, breeze, trail visibility good

29. 19:23 Racers Haupert, Moran, Rozell & Harrington pass the Cache Divide looking strong

28. 19:02 John Lackey finishes in 2nd place in 11 hours 2 minutes

27. **** 18:51 TIM BERNTSON WINS the 2013 WM100 in 10 hours 51 minutes! ***

26. 18:30 Conditions at Ice Lake consist of a temperature of 12F with light snow and west winds.

25. 18:30 Report from the divide is that 31 racers have passed so far, with the most recent including a group: Saari, Gillis, and Taylor. Racers are tired but good. Snow continues to fall.

24. 18:30 HQ is preparing for winners to arrive soon :)

23. 18:00 Kevin Breitenbach returns to HQ.

22. 17:48 Conditions at HQ are mostly cloudy with light snow, a temperature of 9F, and 4 mph winds.

21. 17:44 CP3 is socked-in. Fresh snow over the pass described by racers as being like "mashed-potatoes."

20. 17:22 It's snowing at Headquarters.

19. 16:40, lead racers passed Borealis (CP#4).

18. A trail detour has been made around the brutal overflow at Beaver Creek.

17. 16:30, Dan Beutel (#11) has returned to HQ.

16. 16:20, 17 bikers have passed the summit. Conditions are snowy with flat light.

15. Breitenback is expected to return to the Wickersham Trail Head/HQ around 18:30.

14. 14:40 & 14:44, lead racers Berntson and Lackey passed through CP#3. The two racers reported that conditions have been good thus far, but snow is soft at the summit.

13. 14:30, Conditions at ice lakes are sunny and breezy.

12. At 2:00pm, the two lead racers crossed the ice lakes: Tim Berntson and John Lackey.

11. 13:51, Homan scratched due to a knee injury.

10. As of 13:48, all racers have left CP#1.

9. 12:58, Breitenback scratched due to a burst hydration pack.

8. Racer # 11, Dan Beutel scratched at CP#1.

7. Everyone has checked into CP#1, and only 1 racer has yet to check out.

6. 12:00 Trail report from Ice Lakes: Good, new snow in the divide and through Windy Gap, trail roamers are going to break trail accross the divide.

5. 11:30 Trail report from CP#1: conditions good for biking, conditions slow for skiing.

4. 41 racers have checked into checkpoint 1 as of 11:30 this morning. Leading bikers including: Tim Bernston, Kevin Breitenbach, Josh Spice, John Lackey, and Joel Homan checked in together at 09:38 AM. Heather Best and Janice Tower are the leading women and checked in at 9:56 and 10:03. Seven skiers led by Mike Kramer had also checked into CP#1 by 11:30.

3. Weather conditions at trailhead at 10:51 AM are mostly clear with thin, high clouds, temperature of 6 F, with 6 mph winds gusting to 12 mph.

2. Trevor Jones (#58) scratched at 9:40 AM due to equipment issues.

1. Race started on time (7:59 AM AKDT).

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