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2011 Racer and Volunteer Blog Reports:

Jay Cable - Racer

Nancy Fresco - Racer

Jill Homer - Racer (Part 1)

Jill Homer - Racer (Part 2)

Beat Jegerlehner - Racer

Julie Perilla - Racer

Dave Shaw - Racer

Cory Smith - Racer (Part 1)

Cory Smith - Racer (Part 2)

Josh Spice - Racer

2010 Racer and Volunteer Blog Reports:

Ned Rozell - Racer

Jay Cable - Racer

Chris Bollinger - Racer

Ti Conkle - Volunteer

Julie Perilla - Racer

Julie Malingowski - Racer

Jill Homer - Racer

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White Mountains trip report and video

Winter Biking in the White Mountains

Winter Biking Pointers

Other Winter Ultra/Wilderness Races:

The number of winter multi-sport endurance races has increased dramatically over the past few years. There are plenty of opportunities to squeeze a few training races in before the White Mountains 100 race.

Alaska Events

Talkeetna Trio - 20 or 60 mile fat bike race in Talkeetna. (date TBD).

The Iditasport - new in 2014! The original Iditasport has been revived. 200 mile or 100k bike, run, or ski Feb 7-10, 2014

Susitna 100 - the race is back this year with a new course. 100 mile or 50k bike, run, or ski in the Susitna Valley, Feb 15-17, 2014

Iditarod Trail Invitational - 350 or 1000 mile bike, run, ski on the Iditarod Trail. Feb 23, 2014

Chena River to Ridge - 25 or 45 mile winter bike, run, ski endurance race scheduled for Saturday Mar 8, 2014.

Homer Epic - 100k bike, run, ski in beautiful Homer, Alaska. (date TBD but usually mid March)

Tanana River Challenge - a 100K bike, ski, and skijor race from Nenana to Fairbanks on the Tanana River. (date TBD)

Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic - the ultimate backcountry wilderness race, usually 150-200 miles. (date TBD).

Outside Events:

Yukon Arctic Ultra - 26 to 300 miles bike, run, ski across the Yukon Territory. Jan 30th to Feb 7th, 2014

Rovaniemi 150 - a 150k bike, run, and ski race in northern Finland. Feb 14-16, 2014

Arrowhead 135 - a 135 mile bike, run, and ski race across northern Minnesota. Jan 27-29, 2014