There are four official checkpoints. All racers must check in/out with the race official at each checkpoint. Each checkpoint is a public-use cabin owned and maintained by the BLM or a wall tent. The checkpoint cabins will be reserved specifically for use by racers and race officials. 

Checkpoints are roughly 20 miles apart. Some of the checkpoints are located on a short spur trail leading away from the main trail. Signage will be in place directing racers to each checkpoint. All cabins have propane lanterns and cook stoves, wood heat, and sleeping bunks. Three race officials will be present at each checkpoint and be available 24 hours a day while the checkpoint is open. They will keep the cabin warm and provide racers with food and liquids. Do not expect race officials to pamper or wait on you. They are there to support the race efforts and to assist you if you need help. Please be courteous to the volunteer staff. 

Some checkpoints may become crowded. We cannot guarantee you will have a comfortable spot to sleep. The race officials will do their best to accommodate you. 

Each checkpoint will be equipped with a satellite phone for the race official to call in results to race headquarters (with updates as often as possible on the race website) and for use in case of an emergency. Racers will not have access to the satellite phone and should not expect the race official to make any calls for them unless there is an emergency. 

There are other public use cabins along the race course that have not been reserved for the race. Please respect the privacy of others who will be staying at these cabins. Only approach these cabins if there is a serious emergency. 

Cutoff Times:

* NOTE: All distance are approximate. The total race distance is about 100 miles. 

Checkpoint Descriptions

Race Start/Finish: Wickersham Dome Trailhead

The race starts and finishes at the Wickersham Dome Trailhead located at Milepost 28 Elliott Highway. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the trailhead from Fairbanks, but icy road conditions can make the trip take an hour. A recreational vehicle parked at the trailhead will serve as the race headquarters. The race headquarters will be staffed 24/7 for the duration of the race. All racers must physically sign-in at the race headquarters between 6:30 and 7:45 AM on Sunday. Racers must also sign in when they finish the race. Several heated trailers will also be available for racers to warm up and rest before they drive home or to wait for their ride back to town. We strongly recommend you don't try to drive yourself home after the race without first resting for at least a few hours. This winding section of the Elliott Highway had more fatalities among truckers during construction of the pipeline than anywhere else on the route to Prudhoe Bay. 

Checkpoint #1: Haystack Junction 

The Haystack Junction will be located at race mile 17 and is situated near a trail junction which leads to the Haystack Mountain subdivision.  Racers must depart the checkpoint by 3:30 PM Sunday or else they will be disqualified. 

GPS Location: N 65 13.7', W 147 37.8'.

Checkpoint #2 - Cache Mountain Cabin

The Cache Mountain cabin is at race mile 39 and sits in an open, sloping area above O'Brien Creek at the edge of an old burn. The cabin is 12'X16'. The trees are sparse around the cabin and there are views up the O'Brien Creek drainage and toward the higher terrain around 4,772' Cache Mountain. To the south, the valley opens up toward Beaver Creek, which is about 6 miles away. The cabin is about 100' to the left of the race trail and is clearly visible. Racers must depart the cabin by 23:59 PM Sunday or else they will be disqualified. 

GPS Location: N 65 25.6', W 147 14.6'.

Checkpoint #3 - Windy Gap Cabin

The Windy Gap cabin is at race mile 62 and is one of the most scenic checkpoints along the race course. This 12'X16' cabin is situated on the east side of Fossil Creek in a narrow valley. The views of the surrounding jagged limestone ridgelines are stunning. There are frequently extensive areas of overflow and water on Fossil Creek just in front of the cabin. Also, a small creek adjacent to the cabin often overflows across the access trail and it can be very icy. Often, ice and water from this creek surround the foundation of the cabin. Be cautious when approaching the Windy Gap cabin; you will be a bit loopy with fatigue at this point. Racers must depart the cabin by 9:00 AM Monday or else they will be disqualified. 

GPS Location: N 65 34.7',W 147 25.5'.

Checkpoint #4 - Borealis-LeFevre Cabin

The Borealis LeFevre Cabin is at race mile 81 and is perched on a bluff overlooking Beaver Creek. This 12'X16' cabin is a few hundred feet up a spur trail to the left of the race trail. The cabin may not be completely obvious in the dark, but its sign is hard to miss. It's a steep 50-yard climb from the main trail to the cabin. If you cross Beaver Creek, you will have just passed the cabin. Racers must depart the cabin by 4:30 PM Monday or be disqualified. 

GPS Location: N 65 23.2', W 147 44.2'.

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